Second Salary

Second Salary

Reap much more than you sow with Second Salary.  

Wouldn’t a future additional income, in a snap, be wonderful? Now…it’s possible.

Our newest, most innovative solution allows you to save monthly for a tenor of your choice, ranging from 3-10 years, after which you can enjoy the returns, monthly reinvested, as per your selected period of time.

As your savings tenor progresses, you continue to earn highly competitive profit rate and get up to 30 TIMES* the chances in our AED 35 million Rewards Program draws. When your savings period ends, you will begin to receive your principle and profit, monthly, as per your selected income period duration.

Some additional benefits:

  • Start from just AED 1,000 monthly
  • Opportunity to earn monthly income
  • Competitive expected profit rate of 4.07% p.a., reinvested monthly, for the whole duration of your tenor

  • Up to 30 times draw chances in the AED 35 million Rewards Program

  • Subscription fee waived upon completion of 3 years

  • Lump sum investment option to boost your monthly income

  • Flexibility in selecting your saving period tenor as well as income period tenor 

  • Flexibility to redeem your full amount after 90 days



Save AED 5,000 monthly for 5 years and receive AED 6,125 monthly for the next 5 years (inclusive of expected profit).

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