Second Salary

Second Salary

Introducing Second Salary - the exciting savings program that takes your money further!

With just AED 1,000 monthly, you can embark on a savings journey tailored to your needs. Choose a tenor between 3 to 10 years and experience the thrill of watching your savings multiply.

Once your savings period ends, you'll receive your principal amount and the accumulated profit as income, for a duration of your choice, each month, like clockwork.

And that's not all - with Second Salary, you'll also enjoy full entry in our AED 35.5 million Rewards Program draws.

Some plan benefits are:

  • Begin with a monthly commitment of only AED 1,000
  • Unlock the potential for monthly earnings
  • Benefit from a competitive anticipated returns of 2.95% p.a., reinvested every month, throughout your chosen term
  • Enjoy entry into the full AED 35.5 million Rewards Program 
  • Entry into the exclusive monthly draw for regular savers with winnings of AED 5,000 for 10 winners, AED 500 for 60 winners, and AED 50 for 5,000.
  • Have your subscription fee waived after a 3-year term completion
  • Explore the option of a lump sum investment to enhance your monthly income
  • Select your preferred saving and income period tenors with flexibility
  • Enjoy the freedom to redeem your full amount following 90 days


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