CEO's Message | National Bonds Corporation - Dubai UAE

Message From The GCEO

Mr. Mohammed Qasim Al Ali


National Bonds Corporation Sole Proprietorship P.S.C.

National Bonds Corporation, established in 2006, is an integral contributor to the UAE's economic development. We have worked relentlessly to achieve our overarching goal of enhancing financial literacy and nurturing a culture of regular savings and investments.

Since its inception, National Bonds Corporation has registered a steady pace of growth. Interestingly, and even creditably, the pace of our year-on-year success has been characterized by a maturity of economic awareness in the UAE – an awareness that kick-started the process of diversification. We, therefore, believe that the formation of the company prior to the 2008 financial crisis was an important step taken by our leadership to ensure sustained economic and social stability and prosperity in the UAE.

In the last 11 years, National Bonds Corporation’s record of success is evidenced in the growth of our investment portfolio, size of our client base, experience accumulated on the mechanisms of safe and responsible investments and, most importantly, in the high level of trust established with the public. We attribute this success to the company’s strategy that pursues low and medium risk investments in a diversified portfolio in the local economy to ensure that capital not only remains protected but also makes significant gains. Furthermore, we make sure that our strategy is well aligned with the policies pertaining to all sectors of the economy.

More specifically, National Bonds Corporation pursues an investment approach that is built around the following principles: seeking promising opportunities, creating outstanding products, identifying tools to maximize returns for individuals, and ensuring sustainable growth. A case in point is our effort to design and introduce the region's first sharia-compliant investment and financing product - sukuk. Our proactive and market-informed strategies make National Bonds Corporation a truly exceptional partner in managing liquidity, wealth and personal savings in a way that provides security and financial happiness to individuals and to the community at large.

In all that we do, National Bonds Corporation and every member of our staff acknowledges the high level of responsibility that we owe to the public. We understand and recognize that our shareholders are our key components. Our process of development is therefore inclusive not elitist in a way that allows us to deliver on our promise of transforming the savings of the public into investments that are beneficial to them and to society in general.

As part of our efforts to achieve our objectives, National Bonds manages its operations with due sharia compliance and distributes returns to savers and investors based on partnership in profits and risks. We also place importance on balance and diversification of the investment portfolio, which includes real estate, health, education, and contribution to key financial institutions.

In a bid to maximize our efficiency and value to our community, we continuously assess and develop policies and programs that benefit our stakeholders. As part of our priority of enriching our product portfolio to meet the broader expectations of customers and shareholders, we work in partnership with diverse parties to develop new programs and offerings.

Above all, National Bonds Corporation is committed to upholding the wise principles of the government in promoting transparency and improving efficiency in order to sustain our leading position on the national economy map and remain a major contributor to the GDP in general and per capita income in particular. Mr. Mohammed Qasim Al Ali GCEO National Bonds Corporation Sole Proprietorship P.S.C.