Saving Bonds

Saving Bonds

The same way that a small step is the beginning of a journey, a small save can lead to a secure future and lifelong peace of mind.

Our Savings Bonds empower you to achieve your goals, and build a secure safety net, on your terms. Available in units of AED 10, they give you the freedom to save as much as you want, starting from as low as AED 100, without any minimum balance fees.

Over time, you can either increase your savings amount, go for regular savings, or simply put aside savings whenever you want. Plus, your savings are eligible for highly competitive profit!

What's even more exciting is the chance to participate in our rich AED 35.5 million Rewards Program. You'll have the opportunity to win incredible prizes, such as AED 1 million for 2 winners every quarter and even the possibility of driving home a brand-new luxury car every month.

Make your savings journey truly rewarding with our Savings Bonds.

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