Accelerator Savings Plan

Accelerator Savings Plan

This is the only track you'll want to be on - the fast track to achieving your savings goals. Experience the power of our Accelerator Savings Plan, designed to propel your monthly savings to new heights with cumulative growth and uniquely rewarding high expected profits.

Whether your goals are short or long-term, this plan will accelerate your journey like never before.

The benefits you enjoy are:

•Cumulative savings.
•Expected bonus up to 10% p.a. on cumulative average contribution. 
•Entry into our exciting AED 35 Million Rewards Program.
•Capital is protected as per National Bonds Mudaraba structure*. 
•Minimum balance fees waived, to maximize your returns.
•No hidden charges, for a stress-free experience.


Are you ready to embark on your accelerated savings journey today?


Minimum investment to start is AED 200.
Savings Terms & Conditions apply.
*Refer to the Shari’a pronouncement on our website.

Apply Online.