Eyaali - Junior Savings Plans

Eyaali - Junior Savings Plans

Being a parent means that every step, every decision, is about improving your child’s present and future. And now, both parents have the ability to open an account, instantly, via our mobile app, for their children.


-        Open the child’s account instantly, via the mobile app.

-        Mothers can also open a child’s account under the Hiba contract.

-        Parents can access all their children’s accounts under their own digital log-in.

-        Once the child turns 21, parents can transfer the access to their kids digitally.


Key Benefits:

-        Decide how much you want to save until your child turns 21 years old (or any age you desire).

-        Start with a minimum monthly amount of just AED 100 with no minimum balance fees.

-        Select a plan as per your choice based on flexibility or long-term competitive returns.

-        The minors enter our unique AED 35 million Rewards Program where they can win life-changing prizes such as AED 1 million, a Nissan Patrol & Tesla*

-        Dedicated annual prizes exclusive for minors such as: 24 prizes of AED 5,000, 240 prizes of AED 500 and 36,000 prizes of AED 50.

-        Automatic monthly deduction from your bank account through direct debit.

Ways to save:

  • Global Savings Club – This plan comes with a fixed period of up to 5 years, which allows you to identify your final savings amount and then save equal monthly installments. You earn high returns with draw chances multiplied up to 20 times per Sukuk in our Rewards Program.
  • myPlan – This monthly regular plan is flexible, with no tenure commitment, giving you up to 4 chances per Sukuk in our Rewards Program.
  • Accelerator Plan – Focuses on earning high expected returns of up to 10% p.a. on cumulative monthly savings with this plan that puts your savings onto the fast track
  • Savings Bonds: Start saving easily with full flexibility, however much you like, whenever you like with our savings bonds. The more you save the higher your returns and chances to win in our Rewards Program.
  • Gift Vouchers – You can purchase gift vouchers with different denominations to give to your children on various occasions such as their day of birth, graduation, wedding or any other special occasion.
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