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Message From The Chairman

Al Salamu alaikum and a warm welcome to our website.

Khalifa Al-Daboos


National Bond Corporation Sole Proprietorship P.S.C.

Welcome to National Bonds’ World of Excitement. We hope this serves as a rich source of information for your financial planning, as well as a place for you to get the relevant insights or solutions for your savings and investments journey, and know more about our history, track record, and rewards programs.

National Bonds was primarily launched to promote a culture of savings whilst contributing significantly to the happiness and prosperity of our society and its communities. We offer an array of innovative savings and investments solutions for both individuals & corporates with a judicious deployment of investment funds.

The challenges of the past years have served as a reminder about the fragility of the world we live in and the fluidity of society. It has strengthened our belief, that as a community, we are responsible for shaping the future. Furthermore, Covid-19 has taught us that nothing can be taken for granted and we need to be vigilant yet prepared in the face of life-changing events.

Despite the pandemic and the globally volatile market, our business model and practices have showcased commendable resilience. We have transformed our business model into the leading Retail Sukuk Savings Scheme, in the UAE and Middle East, due to our financial solutions, diligent financial literacy programs and our exciting AED 35 million Rewards Program, which perpetuates positive saving behaviors.

Our customer base is solid and over 850,000 bondholders from 200 different nationalities within the UAE and outside have experienced National Bonds solutions and services since inception. National Bonds’ investments portfolio continues to exponentially grow year on year, reaching AED13.7bn ($3.7 billion) as of Dec 2022. This is testimony to our track record, our focus on capital preservation and our bondholders’ trust in our vision. Moreover, AED 1.73 Billion ($0.47 billion) in profits paid and over AED 731 million ($199 million) in prizes have been distributed to our bondholders since inception, and they have consistently earned attractive returns despite difficult market conditions.

Innovation is at the core of the company’s DNA and will continue to remain so. We are constantly learning and interacting with our customers in order to better understand their needs and aspirations. For individuals, we have introduced an array of innovative savings and investments solutions in line with their life goals and feedback. While for corporates, we have multiple flexi-products for their treasury & liquidity management as well as an Employee Savings Scheme for the financial wellbeing of their staff.

We are working closely with various business partners inclusive of financial institutions, governmental organizations, NGOs, amongst others, for value creation, happiness, and betterment of our society. Through those tie ups, we launched Al Manassah, an innovative shari’a compliant digital platform provided to support Islamic Finance globally, Sukuk Al Waqf to cater for the needy, Green Fund participation for a sustainable environment and Financial Literacy workshops to increase awareness on the importance of financial planning and sound financial management. Many more initiatives are in the pipeline and to be launched soon.

We create value beyond our line of business. We shall continue to be supportive in various areas of the local economy such as the growing real estate sector, education, community welfare amongst others whilst optimizing returns for our bondholders. All this is part of our investment diversification strategy.

Providing a seamless and elevated customer experience is of utmost priority to us, which is why the company is investing heavily in digital transformation. Both our digital channels and back-office operations are being significantly revamped to enhance our operational efficiency and to deliver world class services consistently.

Our people are the company’s most valuable assets, and we will continue to strengthen and empower them through a robust talent management program to deliver on our commitment at all levels of operations. We continue to offer flexible working hours and remote working options which illustrates a clear commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Corporate Governance remains high on our agenda. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence and operate in strict adherence to the regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

National Bonds has always been a dynamic and customer-centric company, and we shall continue to push the boundaries further.

To our existing customers, thank you for the ongoing trust and loyalty. Your continuous support is important to spread a culture of savings.

For those exploring our world for the first time, we are excited about having you join us soon!


Khalifa Al Daboos

Chairman - National Bonds

Khalifa Al-Daboos Chairman National Bond Corporation Sole Proprietorship P.S.C.