What is a Tejouri account?

Are you looking for a savings account to suit your needs?

Do you want an account that puts you at the top of its priority list?

An account that understands you and provides you with the latest savings solutions and promotional programs?

The Tejouri account from National Bonds is an Emirati account for Emiratis. It is designed to provide you with the best saving solutions and dedicated prizes to make your savings journey even more seamless and rewarding.

What are the Tejouri prizes?

Tejouri English Table-02

What are the features and benefits? 

  • Exclusive account for UAE nationals
  • Dedicated prizes and promotions
  • An account that’s capital protected and Sharia’a compliant
  • A dedicated relationship manager and added benefits for Prestige members

Call 600 522279 for more info

Terms and Conditions apply
*Car types for future draws are subject to change based on customer preferences.
Disclaimer: prizes are distributed at the sole discretions of the mudareb & from its own funds. Mudareb shall not be liable except in case of negligence or misconduct.
Draws are conducted under the supervision of Dubai Economic Department.

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