Mobile App

Mobile App

You’ll really APP-reciate it

App-lause please. There’s a brand-new National Bonds app up and running. Its app-pearance is new and the features are super app-pealing.

Our enhanced mobile app is an all-in-one savings hub, which means you can now save, on the go, anytime and anywhere.

The National Bonds mobile app is available for iPhone and Android platforms. 

Some features you can enjoy:

  • Open a new account instantly using Emirates I.D. & Passport

  • Save instantly via Credit Card or Bank Transfer
  • Go for Savings Bonds or myPlan and Global Savings Club, our monthly savings plans
  • Purchase Gift Vouchers for your loved ones
  • Access your portfolio
  • Keep an eye on latest promotions as well app exclusive prizes
  • Countdown to monthly prize draws
  • Get savvy with financial tips
  • Locate us wherever you are

Just download & enter a world of limitless savings.

See you on-app,