Mobile App

Mobile App

Mobile App

App-lause please. There’s a brand-new National Bonds app up and running. Its app-pearance is new and the features are super app-pealing.

So, what’s new:

-          Multiple ways in which you can purchase: cheque, bank transfer and credit card, on the go

-          You can opt for various products such as myPlan, bonds, Education Plans and Term Sukuk

-          We’ll keep you in the loop about the latest offers through the app

-          There’s a countdown to our upcoming draws and you check out who’s won before

-          We’ll share savings tips with you, so you can save and be informed

-          You can use the calculator to estimate your future savings

-          Lastly, you can get information on our entire portfolio, at your fingertips

The National Bonds mobile app is available for iPhone and Android platforms.

Click the link below to download: