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Mobile App

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Our enhanced mobile app offers a comprehensive range of features for convenient savings on the go, anytime and anywhere.  Fortify your savings safety net, invest, gift, keep track of your savings and so much more.

The app caters to both iPhone and Android users, ensuring widespread availability and compatibility.

Enjoy a plethora of remarkable features such as:

  • Instantly open a new account using your Emirates I.D.
  • Alternatively, utilize your UAE Pass for a seamless account setup.
  • Parents can open an account for their children instantly and operate under a single access.
  • Save effortlessly through Credit Card or Bank Transfer options.
  • Use Apple Pay, Google Pay and Noqodi Wallet for convenient savings.
  • Explore diverse automated savings solutions such as myPlan, Accelerator Plan, Second Salary and Global Savings Club.
  • And sign up for investment solutions such as Term Sukuk, Payout and Booster 12.
  • Surprise your loved ones with Gift Vouchers available for purchase.
  • Access and manage your portfolio while updating your profile effortlessly.
  • Stay updated on the latest promotions, including exclusive prizes for app users.
  • Excitement awaits with our monthly prize draws, counting down to thrilling rewards.
  • Register your bank account for convenient redemption requests.
  • Easily locate our services no matter where you are.
We look forward to welcoming you to our app, where savings know no boundaries.