The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) launched The Labor Saving Program (Tharaa) initiative under the National Happiness and Positivity Program of the Ministry of Happiness. Tharaa and National Bonds came together via a strategic cooperation agreement to launch the program, which is aimed at enabling the laborers to build a stable future through monthly fixed savings. This amount can be determined by the laborer throughout the laborer’s residence in the country, and is on a voluntary basis. The laborer shall also have benefits, annual returns, and entry into the lucrative rewards program at National Bonds. This allows those signing up the chance to win several rewards including a million-dirham reward, and enables them to enjoy a happy and secured future. 

Tharaa is supported by thirty-eight of MOHRE’s Tawjeeh Centers spread out across the entire Emirates.

Summary of Benefits of Labor Savings Program “THARA’A”

Sukuk Rewards Program

New Rewards Email Final-03
Loyalty Program for Labor Savings Initiative

1.    Activation of all benefits of Sukuk Rewards Program as of the first value deducted under the Savings system
2.    Permanent monthly draw for a cash reward of (AED 50) for (10%) of registered workforce
3.    In the event of death, a solidarity service at (50%) of savings with a maximum amount of (AED 5000) for (50 workers)
4.    Paying (AED 40) annually as money transfer fees for workers who complete a whole year in the Savings program
5.    Micro financing service guaranteed against the savings amount for workers who complete a whole year in the savings program

Scheme of Monthly Draw’s Escalating Rewards

Tharaa Table-01