Sanadi Plan

No matter what your worries for the future may be, Sanadi can offer you a range of options and benefits that allow you to feel at ease when you think about potential challenges to your financial stability. With Sanadi, you will get support with:

  1. Creating a Shari’a compliant customized savings plan that is both flexible and cost effective
  2. A three-month salary  if you  unexpectedly lose your job
  3. 24-month coverage for seven critical illnesses, including a second medical opinion and a hospital cash benefit
  4. Financial  cover for  permanent disability, terminal illness or the death of a breadwinner
  5. Customizing your coverage of up to 60 months’ salary
  6. Joining a unique rewards programme that can change your life with prizes including AED 1 million
  7. Gaining access to information about your account via regular SMS updates

Join today by calling 600 522279.

If you could foresee an unfavorable future, what would you do to protect yourself? It’s not often that we plan for setbacks when we think of our future, but what would you do if you found yourself in one of the following situations:

  1. You have unexpectedly lost your job and have your rent and bills due in a week
  2. A minor pain has turned out to be a terminal illness that will require an expensive treatment plan
  3. An accident has left you unable to work and financially provide for your family
  4. You are the sole breadwinner and if you were gone, the future of your family would be uncertain
  5. You have been dreaming of owning your first home, but that life-changing promotion has not happened yet.

We make plans according to our dreams but sometimes, life has a funny way of interfering. Your choices today will set the tone for your future. This is where Sanadi comes in.

From assisting you with  your bills to supporting you when you need  a second medical opinion, Sanadi will offer you the financial support you need so you can focus on what truly matters, the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Am I Eligible 


You should be able to join Sanadi if you are:
  • A regular saver with National Bonds.
  • Between the ages of 21 and 65.
  • Meet the age requirements of your preferred plan.
  • A resident of the UAE at the time of enrollment.
  • Receiving a monthly salary
  • Not signed off from work due to an accident, sickness or disability at the time of enrollment.
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