National Bonds and Emirates General Petroleum Corporation Partner to Enhance Financial Security for Emarat Employees

National Bonds and Emirates General Petroleum Corporation Partner to Enhance Financial Security for Emarat Employees
Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Dubai – UAE, 7 June 2023

National Bonds has announced a new partnership with Emirates General Petroleum corporation (Emarat), aiming to enhance financial security for Emarat employees and their families in the United Arabic Emirates.  

In details, National Bonds, a Sharia-compliant savings and investment company, has recently signed a strategic agreement with Emirates General Petroleum (Emarat), a multi-channel power and energy company with a network of service stations and fuel depots across Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The agreement aims to provide saving programs for Emarat employees, as well as promoting the culture of saving due to its positive impact on society and the economy.

This agreement comes as a response to the surging demand from companies in the UAE for ‘Golden Pension Plan’, which was launched by National Bonds last year, to augment the value of employees' end-of-service benefits.

National Bonds diverse range of retirement & saving programs not only ensure the financial security of employees and their families but also reduces the daily burdens in areas such as emergency funds, education, healthcare, and essential necessities. Consequently, these initiatives actively contribute to the overall development of society, promoting well-being and happiness. Moreover, these programs provide sustainable retirement & savings solutions, raise awareness about the comprehensive range of National Bonds offerings, foster a savings culture, and deliver sustainable competitive returns. 

The programs and solutions will also enable (Emarat) employees be part of the National Bonds’ rich rewards program of AED 35 million, in addition to special incentives and draws.

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer of National Bonds, said: “We are pleased to announce the agreement with Emirates General Petroleum (Emarat), aligning with National Bonds' strategic vision of fostering collaboration with national companies. This strategic approach aims to actively contribute towards achieving financial prosperity and ensuring a secure future for both UAE citizens and residents by offering them optimal and sustainable solutions and programs.”

H.E. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Emarat Director General, said: “As part of our ongoing efforts to cooperate with national companies and entities in the UAE and develop employees’ happiness and well-being programs, we are pleased to have this agreement with National Bonds. Through this partnership, we offer National Bonds services to our employees. We look forward to further cooperation with National Bonds, as a trusted provider of saving and investment solutions, to provide customized programs to our customers across our stations network”.


It’s noteworthy, that National Bonds recently launched the ‘Second Salary’ program, a customized savings solution created for the residents of the UAE.  The program provides UAE’s Nationals and Expats what they aspire for in terms of their retirement plans. The plan is the first part of a long-term program aiming to provide affordable and simple retirement plans in UAE.