National Bonds Launches Interactive Online CRM Program ‘Manzoomah’

National Bonds Launches Interactive Online CRM Program ‘Manzoomah’
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Innovative Mechanism Helps Communicate with Customers, Saves Time and Effort, and Raises Customer Awareness about Company’s Savings and Investment Services

Dubai-UAE: 16 February, 2016 - National Bonds Corporation (National Bonds), the leading sharia-compliant savings and investments’ company in the UAE, has launched its innovative online Customer Relations Management (CRM) program ‘Manzoomah’ with the aim of streamlining all communication channels with customers through one single interactive platform.

The multichannel tool provides National Bonds’ customer service team with detailed information on bondholders via a comprehensive 360˚ system that displays all transactions and data on a single screen. Team members also have access to the information on their smart mobile devices so they can provide required services anytime, anywhere without the customers having to schedule appointments or visit the company’s offices.

CRM benefits National Bonds’ customers with quicker responses to their queries and assures immediate follow-up on their savings and investment transactions. The online platform also provides customers with updated information on the full range of savings and investment services available from National Bonds.

The program was developed by ACCEINFO, a Canadian IT consultancy company that specializes in CRM solutions.

Speaking on the objectives of Manzoomah, Hani Hussein, Chief Operating Officer at National Bonds, said: “Technological advancements are offering us innovative solutions to communicate with our customers more quickly and conveniently. The new Manzoomah CRM program is particularly significant as it enables us to meet customer demands 24/7 thanks to uninterrupted access to data. It effectively leverages analysis and artificial intelligence capabilities. Dynamic reports provide complete information about our customers and allow us to anticipate their needs in order to achieve the highest customer service standards.”

He added: “We have noticed that customers are looking for more channels to communicate with us. They are also keen to see the latest technologies being used, such as interactive voice recordings, sharing photos and media files via smartphones, and online instant messaging applications. We are confident Manzoomah will help us address these niche requirements of our bondholders with greater efficiency.”

Hani Hussein pointed out that the UAE has one of the highest penetrations of modern technologies globally. According to latest studies, relying on social media and online communication tools has become a mainstream approach in the country. Furthermore, the fifth edition of the Autonomous Customer 2015 report, compiled by Avaya and British Telecom, indicates that consumers in the UAE are 83% more likely to buy services from companies that make it easier for them.

Hussein added: “We are always keen to raise our customer service levels to ensure an elevated customer experience. We realize the customers’ need for assistance at all times, especially with regard to financial issues. As part of our sustained efforts to encourage regular saving and wise financial planning, our new Manzoomah program is a smart solution that will further support us in accomplishing our goals.” 

Analytics and data projections linked to CRM programs enable companies to study transaction histories, and offer customers tailored options to meet their requirements. By fast-tracking business processes through easy access to and retrieval of information, CRM programs today allow global financial companies to make more informed decisions. They also ensure lower compliance costs and step-up the ability of the company to provide accurate, timely and transparent responses.