National Bonds and Taaleem Partnership: Galvanizing UAE’s Youth Towards Financial Literacy

National Bonds and Taaleem Partnership: Galvanizing UAE’s Youth Towards Financial Literacy
Tuesday, June 14, 2022

  • National Bonds and Taaleem join forces to equip young children with fundamental knowledge and skills on financial planning and money management
  • This partnership will see National Bonds deliver insightful seminars, educational kits and innovative schemes to help the youth to grow financially aware

Dubai, UAE, 14 June 2022: Initiating a movement in financial literacy amongst the UAE’s youth, National Bonds, the UAE’s leading savings and investment company owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, has entered a groundbreaking partnership with Taaleem, one of the country’s leading education providers, to empower children of all ages with essential financial planning skills.

In a signing ceremony earlier this month, National Bonds Group CEO, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, and Taaleem CEO, Alan Williamson, locked in the partnership on behalf of National Bonds and Taaleem.

The partnership will see the launch of a unique educational campaign amongst over 15,000 students that are part of Taaleem schools in the UAE. The campaign will seek to drive awareness on the paramount power of saving and equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make responsible financial decisions throughout their lives.

The initiative is launched in alignment with the UAE leadership’s vision to encourage a culture of savings and prosperity among nationals and residents alike. The partnership will see National Bonds deliver insightful, interactive seminars and informative kits across the network of 12 Taaleem schools. In addition, National Bonds has launched an innovative savings program titled ‘The Juniors’ Savings Account’ to empower students and their parents with the tools to begin saving for their future.

Commenting on the importance of gaining financial literacy at an early age, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, said, “As important financial planning is for our happiness and peace of mind, it is often an area where we develop the learnings and skills far too late in life. Managing our finances is a critical life skill that must be taught and mastered early so we are able to tackle debt traps and stay ahead of our expenses while also having ample savings. Based on our Savings Index, only 56% of people living in the UAE feel like they’re putting aside enough money per month towards their child’s education. Also, only 18% of regular Emirati savers are concerned about saving for their child’s education. These facts provide further support for the importance of this initiative.

Our aim throughout this partnership is to upskill the young people and increase their knowledge of financial life cycle needs, managing debt and savings so they are well-positioned to achieve their financial goals. Taaleem’s extensive network of schools, along with their vision to equip students with essential education has enabled us to take this important message to the youth. Through these programs, that support the longer-term vision of the UAE, we wish to achieve a future where every person is equipped to lead a more financially stable life.” 

Echoing similar sentiments, Alan Williamson, said, "Taaleem has become one of the first National Bonds partners to launch this initiative for financial literacy for students and our wider community. As with any good habit, we believe that gaining financial literacy must start at an early age. We are very excited about this collaboration and are confident of the huge benefits that our students, parents and staff members will reap from the partnership.”

The National Bonds’ Junior Savings Account is an exclusively crafted savings plan that allows parents with young children and students the flexibility to save as much or as little as they want each month, while giving them the opportunity to be part of the exclusive junior-only prizes in National Bonds’ Rewards Program. Another key program is the Global Savings Club that has been tailored for Taaleem education professionals and employees to help them avail themselves of the benefits of a savings account, fortify their savings safety net and access a range of Global Saving Club benefits.

Offering safe investments with competitive returns, National Bonds has consistently taken an innovative approach to encourage people to grow their savings safety net in the country. Through this groundbreaking partnership with Taaleem, the company is investing in the nation’s youth to develop critical financial planning skills that will put them on a path to financial success for life.