UAE’s first global savings club is here and members are about to get wealthier!

UAE’s first global savings club is here and members are about to get wealthier!
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dubai, UAE, 15th September 2021; A wealthy nation is a healthy nation. National Bonds in conjunction with Dubai Quality Group have united to boost the ‘savings culture’ in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by launching the first savings club of the nation; ‘The Global Savings Club’.

The collaboration between National Bonds and Dubai Quality Group will enable members of the public and private sectors to pursue their dreams, fulfill their desires and amplify their financial security through this distinctive savings club. Everyone has a perception of the future and National Bonds facilitates to achieve those aspirations.   

The state-of-the-art savings concept is Sharia-compliant and the first of its kind in the industry for individuals and companies. The alliance between the two companies will accelerate the rate at which the society can apprehend the significance of savings and motivate the nation to create their safety nets and shift towards a more financially secure future.

The National Bonds team is always accessible to simplify one’s journey; be it children’s education, retirement plans or financial independence or even summer vacations, the all-new savings club is here to stay, educate and help individuals grow. In addition to the widely available branches across the UAE, this partnership will result in broadening the horizons for National Bonds’ awareness programs and workshops, especially for members of the Dubai Quality Group.

“We aren’t here just to sell a product; we are here to build a community. A community that is future conscious, financially independent and thinks two-steps ahead. The Global Savings Club integrates the vision of two companies into one; along with Dubai Quality Group we envisaged a sophisticated learning experience and we are now here to materialize these aspirations” said Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, Group CEO, National Bonds.

The joint venture has resulted in creating an additional avenue for National Bonds to advocate the philosophy behind savings.

“If you want to save towards securing your family car or an island in the future, we are here to impart the philosophy behind savings; in short, we are here to simplify the process and instill the knowledge. Our programs and workshops will generate a sense of safety that will encourage Dubai Quality Group Members to save through this club. With our new rewards program, employees have a chance to benefit from exclusive rewards in addition to the AED 35 million and 16 luxury cars and much more. All in all, we are looking at a greater quality of business through this new partnership” added Al Ali.

Further, Eng. Hassan Omar, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group, said “Collaboration with National Bonds is part of the DQG mission to sustain the culture of business excellence & quality and creating a new innovative platform for decision-makers and experts.

The National Bonds is one of the leading companies in savings in the UAE. Hence, this collaboration will allow DQG members to encourage their employees to start saving with the first Savings Club in UAE.” He added.