Nearly 75,500 residents win prizes with National Bonds’ 2017 Reward Program

Nearly 75,500 residents win prizes with National Bonds’ 2017 Reward Program
Sunday, January 21, 2018

  • National Bonds awarded over AED 36.5 million to customers in the UAE’s Year of Giving
  • There were 480,260 prizes distributed across 162 nationalities in the UAE
  • 34% of the total prizes were awarded to regular savers, individuals who are signed up for a monthly saving plan with National Bonds

Dubai, UAE 21 January 2017: National Bonds Corporation PJSC (NBC), a leading investment company providing innovative, Shari'a-compliant financial products and services in the UAE, has today announced the total number of awards given out to customers as part of its Annual Rewards Program in 2017. In its 11th year running, NBC awarded a total of 75,550 lucky winners with 480,260 prizes totaling AED 36,680,000. Eight lucky received over AED 1 million in prizes each.

Overall, prizes were split across 162 nationalities. Emirati Nationals were awarded 33% of the of prizes, followed by Asian expats (30%), Arab expats (25%), Western expats (11%) and other nationalities (1%). Among the winners, 57% were adult males while 29% were female. The remaining 14% of winners comprised of children under the age of 18, male and female.

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Commenting on the recent announcement, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer at NBC, said: “We are very pleased to report we have given away over 36 million dirhams to our customers in 2017. In line with our ‘save and win’ philosophy, our rewards program is designed to encourage savings among our customers and give back to our community. Something we are very passionate about.

The year 2017 marked the UAE’s ‘Year of Giving’, an initiative illustrating the generosity and hospitality of the Emirates. To demonstrate our commitment to the Government’s initiative and encourage residents to invest in their future, we gave more prizes to our customers in 2017 than ever before. Something we are very proud of.

We look forward to giving away more prizes to our valued customers in 2018, further reflecting the strong values of our nation and encouraging residents – nationals and expatriates alike – to invest in their future,” he added.

Of the 2017 winners, 19,124 were regular savers (individuals, who are signed up for a monthly saving plan with National Bonds). Regular savers accounted for 34% of the total number of prizes, winning over AED 12,400,200 combined (seven regular savers netted AED 100,000, two received AED 1, 000,000, while the rest were awarded approximately AED 1,000 each). The return of investment for a regular saver in 2017 was 2.5 percent from prizes only. The winners are therefore due to receive the annual profit on top of their investment in the first quarter of 2018.

The NBC Annual Reward Programme first began in 2006. Since then, NBC has given away a total of AED 540,527,134 to over 342,740 of 166 nationalities. Among which, 166 customers won the grand prize of one million dirhams and Emirati Nationals continued to be the largest awarded nationality, at 39%.

All bond owners can participate in the annual NBC Reward Programme, as long as they meet the bond purchasing requirements. To learn more about the Programme or NBC products and services, please visit: More details on the 2018 Reward Programme will be announced in the coming months.

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