Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Your Corporation can now reward its employees with gifts that can secure their future, reward them with annual profits, prizes on weekly and monthly basis and enjoy other benefits. National Bonds offers Gift Vouchers with different denominations of:

  • AED 100
  • AED 250
  • AED 500
  • AED 1,000
  • AED 5,000
  • AED 10,000
  • AED 25,000

Gift Vouchers Process

  • A person on behalf of the corporation can visit National Bonds offices to buy Gift Vouchers.
  • Bearer/Beneficiary (employee) submits completed application form to National Bonds outlets to exchange the Gift Voucher for bonds of the same value indicated on the Voucher.
  • Beneficiary (employee) becomes automatically eligible for all the benefits offered by National Bonds.

Why do National Bonds Gift Vouchers make the ideal choice for rewards?

  • They have high liquidity, i.e. they are cash equivalent.
  • Their cash value will never depreciate at the time of redemption (as against other usual prizes, e.g. electronics, cars, etc.)
  • They help nurture a savings culture and inspire beneficiaries (employee) to prepare for their future.
  • They provide the same benefits enjoyed by bondholders in terms of rewards and prize eligibility.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.