Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

How much money does it take to be financially independent? The answer to this question is very much up to you. Some experts say that you need up to 70% of your income before retirement depending on what activities and plans you have after retirement.


When people start to think about retirement planning, the most common concern is that they might outlive their money. With modern medicine allowing people to stay healthy and live so much longer, the chances keep growing.

We would like to help you to make sure that you don’t outlive your wealth and your retirement years are spent in complete comfort and security. As you know, retirement’s no fun when you don’t have enough money. We are active for almost 30 years accumulating wealth but we might have to spend this for more than 55 years after retirement.

If your retirement is around the corner, and you don’t have a retirement plan yet, there is no time to spare. Unless, you’re quite wealthy and have all the money you’ll ever need, you really should start planning. Hopefully, our financial planning information would help you get the ball rolling.


Click here to use the retirement calculator to help determine what size your retirement nestegg should be.