Whether you are a working couple, the breadwinner in your family or a partner in a business, you play a crucial role. That's why you need to protect your family - and your business - with financial protection and Takaful insurance cover.

Takaful, a sharia compliant protection solution provides "peace of mind".


What would happen to your loved ones if you weren't around? We all know that life can be full of unexpected surprises. The death of a loved one can put enormous emotional and financial strain on a family. That's why life or critical illness cover are so important and essential in a financial plan. But a comprehensive financial plan also means being prepared for the unexpected. 

  • Life Takaful Protection
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness
  • Income protection
  • Terminal Illness


Takaful is based on the principle of co-operation and mutual help for the good of the society at large. Currently there are at least three Takaful models that are widely used, based on the contractual forms of mudaraba, wakalah and waqf or combinations of these. Whilst the existence of these models demonstrates the flexible and practical nature of Takaful principles, they also raise the questions of contractual relationship between parties and their respective rights and obligations, as well as the need to ascertain the types of risk peculiar or common to each model. (The Council of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB)).