For Employers

Every employer is trying to find a solution to the ultimate question: “How can I ensure a better working environment and enhanced employee productivity?” According to extensive research conducted over the years, exceptional salary or corporate perks are not the answer. The most crucial factor that has direct correlation with employee satisfaction is what the company does to improve their future financial stability. Employers can now move one step closer to fulfilling their employees’ needs thanks to the Employee Savings Program, launched by Dubai’s biggest sharia-compliant investment company, National Bonds Corporation. With this exceptional product, you can motivate your employees to save an amount of their preference on a monthly basis in the form of bonds. The savings are deducted from the employees’ bank accounts upon salary transfer. This is a guaranteed solution to help your employees achieve the financial independence they have always desired. With ESP, watch your employees’ boosted productivity and their increased respect for their work and your company.

  • Benefits for the Employer
    • Improved employee welfare
    • Better employee retention
    • Increase team loyalty
    • Becoming a preferred employer
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Improved employee-employer interaction
    • Creating wealth by means of regular saving
    • Having money put aside that is liquid and readily accessible in case of emergencies or unexpected expenses
    • Sharia-complaint investment, managed in an ethical and socially responsible manner
  • Benefits for the Employee
    • Low risk investment
    • The highest rate or return in the market among comparable financial products
    • Two grand prizes of AED one million every quarter-one for a UAE national and one for an expat
    • Entry in monthly draws (terms and conditions apply)
    • Special draw of AED 10,000 for 15 regular savers
    • 8.000 dedicated prizes of AED 50 exclusively for regular savers
    • Regular offers and promotions
    • A relationship manager for each organization
    • …and much more

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