For Employees

Understanding the distinction between needs and wants is the need of the hour. With the cost of commodities and expenses on the rise along with desires having no boundaries, it is a matter of concern how our present incomes can accommodate us in the not-so-distant future. Over the past few years, Dubai has seen an exponential growth in the number of residents turning towards loans and credit cards to finance their requirements. To assist customers in becoming financially independent and secure, National Bonds, Dubai’s biggest Islamic investment company, introduced the concept of Employee Savings Program. This plan allows employees to automatically save a selected amount from their monthly salary every month for a predetermined period. This amount is transferred to their National Bonds account. Employees then receive savings certificates (bonds) via email. Not only do the bondholders enjoy the benefit of putting money aside before getting a chance to spend it, they also have the opportunity to accumulate wealth of great value in the future. In addition, for their trust in National Bonds, they receive entries in our renowned rewards program, conducted on a monthly and quarterly basis, where they can win millions.

Some of the features of the Employee Savings Program are:

  • Low-risk investment
  • Creating wealth by means of regular saving
  • Having money put aside that is liquid and readily accessible in case of emergencies or unexpected expenses
  • Sharia-compliant investment, managed in an ethical and socially responsible manner
  • The highest rate of return in the market among comparable financial products
  • Two grand prizes of AED one million every quarter - one for a UAE national and one for an expat
  • Entry in monthly draws (terms and conditions apply)
  • Special draw of AED 10,000 for 15 regular savers
  • 8,000 dedicated prizes of AED 50 exclusively for regular savers
  • Regular offers and promotions
  • A relationship manager for each organization
  • ...and much more

It’s time you made that important commitment to save. Click on the tab below to enroll yourself. We guarantee this will be the best decision you’ll ever take!